Meet Our Founder

Meet Our Founder

Joe packing boxes

A serial entrepreneur and avid hunter brings to market the first camo clothing line made specifically for whitetail tree stand bowhunters.

Like many others, Joe Miles started hunting at a very young age. He was lucky to grow up in a hunting family, with a father who taught him much of the outdoors and who helped him take his first whitetail at just 5 years old. At 15, Joe gave up the rifle and started bowhunting whitetail full time. He learned a lot chasing the heavily hunted and pressured species in the South and has been able to grow his hunting passion into full-time businesses — Sporting Adventures International, and now, ASIO Gear, the first-ever camo clothing line made explicitly for whitetail bowhunters.

After college, Joe traveled to Africa where he was accepted to the very prestigious professional hunter’s school, G.A. Steenkamp. Upon completion, he spent the next few years working as an apprentice under different Professional Hunters around Africa and later received his full Professional Hunters (PH) license. He is one of only a few US citizens to have held a cherished PH license and has been very fortunate over the years to have hunted or guided trips in 15 different countries. He has also taken the free-range world record Red Stag and Pere David’s Deer with a bow in Argentina.

Furthermore, over the last few years, Joe has had the opportunity to undertake some of the most extreme expedition-type mountain hunts from Alaska to Kyrgyzstan, which helped him tremendously in understanding the importance of a good quality camo clothing line. Such experience helped in the creation of his newest hunting company, ASIO Gear. His true passion has always been whitetail bowhunting and he has said, “Guys that can consistently kill mature whitetails with a bow, year in and year out, can be successful hunting anything on the planet.”

Joe now spends the better part of the fall bowhunting deer all over North America and has taken over 100 whitetails with his bow; many of which are record book quality bucks and four having been over 170” P&Y (two of which are over 180” P&Y). He really enjoys hunting across the full whitetail range and figuring out and moving in on a particular animal. In his opinion, hunting big mature whitetails is by far the greatest challenge in the hunting arena and he hopes to keep doing it for many years to come.

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