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Tree Stand Bowhunters’ Backpack $229.00

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This double-layered and waterproof camo hunting backpack has exactly what the serious whitetail bowhunter needs and is the result of over 30 years of bowhunting experience.

  • Waterproof
  • Duffle option
  • Durable stretch construction
  • Compression straps with auto-locking buckles
  • Hidden Bow Hoist compartment
  • Super quiet

In the making for more than 2 years, this bowhunting backpack is useful without being overly complex. Printed in our signature ASIO RAPTOR CAMO and engineered with our stealthy-quiet and ultra-comfortable materials, bowhunters will be able to easily and quietly access all their gear. Asymmetrical side body pockets offer stretch and security with auto-locking buckles and well configured outside pockets provide bowhunters access to hunting gear without having to open the main compartment. This pack also features waterproof zippers on all openings to keep gear dry.

Furthermore, bowhunters will find the ambidextrous retractable pull rope compartment useful. It provides hunters easy access to a pull-up rope on either side of the camo hunting pack. All zip sliders and pulls have been specially crafted to eliminate all metal-on-metal rattling, making it super quiet while in the field. A strategically positioned and removable hip belt allows for versatility, while other features such as an interior shoulder strap allow bowhunters to carry the hunting pack duffle-style. A rear compression strap system also allows bowhunters to effortlessly attach and carry their bow when walking to and from the stand.

All in all, this no-fuss pack answers all your bowhunting needs when heading to the tree.

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Cold Weather Neck Gaiter $30.00

19 reviews

  • Sherpa-lined
  • Easy to wear
  • Comfortable
  • Windproof

Designed with warmth and comfort in mind
, this easy-to-wear hunting gaiter is made with the finest materials and is sure to keep your neck and lower head warm when those cold winds start whipping around high in the trees. This comfortable gaiter retains your body’s heat where it tends to escape most by combining an outer windproof bonded fleece layer with an inner, cold-weather Sherpa fleece. Pair this must-have accessory with our Sherpa-lined camouflaged beanie and your head and neck are sure to stay warm in the coldest conditions.

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