Nature’s best camouflage technology turned revolutionary bowhunting camo clothing for North America’s whitetail bowhunters

As you may have seen by now, ASIO Gear’s patent-pending camouflage is different from any other bowhunting camo clothing brand on the market. Its muted tones and distinct, feather-like design were inspired by nature’s finest and led to a one-of-a-kind design that is taking the bowhunting apparel industry by storm.

Our ASIO RAPTOR CAMO® pattern was strategically developed to precisely mimic the color, depth, and shadow/blurred feather pattern of a Great Horned Owl. As one of nature’s most expert camouflaged predators, owls’ multi-toned coloring and bark-like feather design allow them to blend seamlessly into their surroundings, keeping them hidden from their dichromatic-eye-sighted prey. Pair that insanely perfect disguise with the fact that owls hunt high in trees, and the ASIO Gear team was convinced they were onto something big for the bowhunting community.

So, what does a highly perfected camouflage design on nature’s best predatory animal have to do with whitetail deer? Well, it’s all about a whitetail’s eyesight. Similar to the targeted small game prey of an owl, deer possess dichromatic vision. That means they can only process two colors, unlike humans who possess trichromatic vision (meaning they can process three). The two cones that make up the eye of a whitetail keep them from noticing certain colors, and keeps predators, like hunters, more concealed while in the tree stand.

But two-toned vision wasn’t the only driving force behind the pattern. It was also learned that whitetail deer struggle to see dulled or blurry patterns when scanning the woods. Because of this detail, the ASIO Gear team knew that they had to design a pattern that lacked precise detail. This small, but highly important, feature was key to ensuring deer would be none the wiser to the small movements that bowhunters make while in the stand dressed head to toe in bowhunting camo clothing.

In the end, nature inspired a camouflage pattern that, in our opinion, was made to be in a tree. The thought and passion behind the design of this premium bowhunting camo clothing brand shows, and is making waves all around the U.S. Ultimately, we are bringing natural technology to North America’s whitetail bowhunters. The pattern is what sparked the idea of ASIO Gear, but the science is what makes it work.

ASIO Gear’s premium bowhunting camo clothing is made to keep whitetail tree stand bowhunters comfortable and concealed, no matter how long they are in the stand and no matter where they set up shop.


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I’ve seen owls in the woods before and always wished I could have a camouflage like the owls that I’ve seen this stuff is great going to be pulling the trigger on some new camouflage this year

— Mike

I absolutely love all of the effort you guys put into this one of a kind camo and the story behind it…not just some leaves scattered over a shirt.

— Sydney