Layering System

When temperatures start to get into the 50s, it's time to start layering to stay warm in the stand. As whitetail hunters, we face the unique challenge of maintaining warmth during both short and long hikes, sometimes covering miles in big hill country. Each hunter has different heat and cold tolerances, so use this guide as a starting point and adjust based on your personal preferences.

59º - 39ºF

During moderate temperatures, layering with Lightweight and Heavyweight Baselayers helps regulate body heat. Midweight pants and a Midweight hoodie provide balanced warmth without causing overheating. A Midweight Core Warmth Vest adds an extra layer of insulation to the torso, while lightweight gloves, a camo hat, and face gaiter maintain concealment.

38º - 19ºF

In colder weather, Sherpa pants, bibs, and jacket offer superior insulation. The puffy jacket helps enhance warmth, essential for long periods in a tree stand. Sherpa Neck Gaiter, Midweight gloves, and Sherpa Beanie are crucial for keeping the neck, hands, and head warm, preventing heat loss

18º - Below 0ºF

For extreme cold, Heavyweight bib, Heavyweight Jacket, and Heavyweight Vest (filled with PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation) provide the highest level of insulation. The Handmuff is vital to maintain dexterity and comfort in freezing temperatures. These layers ensure you stay warm and focused, even in the harshest conditions.