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Lightweight 3D Concealment


Layering System

Proper layering is essential for regulating body heat and staying comfortable in varying temperatures during your hunt.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
"I self-film bowhunting whitetails and haven't ever had a good pack that could hold my tree arm, mount, camera, then all other normal hunting gear with good weight distribution and comfortably. This has been about perfect so far while still compact. Also have ease of access to gear with side pouches and top compartment. Former MC Infantry so I really appreciate a good pack and one that gets that weight high and center while still mobile. Thanks for a good product."
— Currier (Verified Buyer)
Customer reviews
"Lightweight hoodie and pant surpassed my expectations. I have now worn it on about 4 hot weather hunts. I will be purchasing the mid weight system next and Asio from here on. Pull the trigger, you won't be disappointed."
— Jason F. (Verified Buyer)
Customer reviews
"I can’t see me getting cold in these. It was 20 degrees out last year and I went hunting and had to unzip the legs until I got to my spot to prevent me from sweating."
— Tony T. (Verified Buyer)