The Story Behind ASIO Gear

The Story Behind ASIO Gear

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The Story behind the Gear: How ASIO Gear Bowhunting Clothing Came to Be

A passion for whitetail hunting started the most revolutionary bowhunting clothing brand in the industry

“The history of the bow and arrow is the history of mankind” – Fred Bear

The history of bowhunting dates back to over 6,000 years before we had written language, yet the finesse, patience, and passion of a bowhunter has been carried through the centuries. Perhaps it’s a combination of man’s age-old instinct to survive, while being one with nature. The art of bowhunting is one of a kind. There is something about the respect of the game, the exhilaration of the hunt, and the peace in being one with nature that makes this ancient sport so unique. A sport built on survival.

The evolution of bowhunting has seen its fair share of improvements in weaponry and technique, but little has been accomplished when it comes to bowhunting clothing, especially for what a whitetail bowhunter needs for the sport they love.

With more than 30 years of experience in the whitetail space, Joe Miles, ASIO Gear’s founder and avid world-wide hunter, saw that current camo patterns were lacking for tree stand hunters across the whitetail range. He wanted to change that.

One fall afternoon, Joe was walking through the woods scouting and saw two Great Horned Owls fighting in a tree. One owl flew into a nearby tree and vanished. As Joe walked closer to the tree to get a better view, the owl flew to yet another tree and vanished again. Joe lost sight of the majestic animal.

“He literally just vanished in front of my eyes. It was incredible to see,” Joe said.

That’s when it hit him.

Owls, with their feathered camo pattern, are the ultimate woods-tree predator. Simply put, their camouflaging is one-of-a-kind.

After some extensive research on animal eyesight, Joe’s idea was beginning to make sense. Whitetail deer, like the many prey animals of an owl, possess dichromatic eyesight, meaning they see with just two cones. We go into more detail about that in this article, but basically, their limited visibility keeps them from seeing certain colors.

The next step was to create the camo pattern itself. Working with a high-end graphic artist, Joe perfected the shadowing, depth, and pattern layout to land on one of the most innovative camo pattern designs that he’d seen in decades. Taking the pattern to the woods, it was clear that it was a winner. The design immediately disappeared amongst the background and that was all the confirmation Joe needed to make ASIO Gear bowhunting clothing a reality.

The camo design was the driving force, but it was Joe’s passion that helped to find the ultimate solution of pairing nature’s finest camouflage with the best technological innovations in bowhunting clothing.

Fast forward to today, and Joe’s dedication to sourcing the best fabrics, best cut, and best production have made ASIO Gear a premium, ultra-high-end camo bowhunting clothing line that is as good or better than anything available. From our warm, late season hunting jacket and insulated hunting pants, to our camo hoodies and lightweight camo gloves, bowhunters will have just what they need for a successful whitetail season.

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