Lightweight Hoodie

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The Lightweight Hoodie is the perfect choice for bowhunters seeking comfort and concealment in hot weather. Crafted from high-performance, UPF 50+ polyester fabric, this hoodie features birds-eye mesh and a half-zip design for maximum breathability. Features like the built-in hood and facemask ensure ultimate concealment and protection from the sun. Pair it seamlessly with our Lightweight Pant for complete system during those hot and humid hunts.



  • Birdseye Mesh
  • Half-Zip
  • UPF 50+ Polyester Fabric
  • Built in Hood and Facemask
  • Moisture-Wicking Channels
  • Antimicrobial for scent control

Product Details


Designed for hot, humid hunts, the Lightweight Hoodie offers the ultimate blend of concealment and comfort in temperatures above 90 degrees down to 60 degrees. Its light and breathable design makes it the perfect choice for staying cool and hidden while when temperatures are at the hottest of the season.


When the heat rises, our Lightweight Hoodie can be worn alone for maximum breathability and comfort. Layer it over a base for early mornings or under a jacket for added warmth as temperatures drop during your hunts. This piece is extremely fast drying making it great for layering on long hikes or pack-ins for the mobile hunter.


Material: Birdseye Mesh

Weight: 8oz